We follow a holisitc approach for the best solutions within Construction processes and Real Estate insurance topics. There are 3 different stages we distinguish: before, during and after the completion of a construction project.

In addition to that we carry out Technical Due Diligence and Valuation Appraisals for buildings and machinery/equipment.

Project Monitoring

Does the implementation of a construction project comply with the contractually agreed contents?

During monitoring, all processes, measures, deficiencies and improvement possibilities are documented and the construction progress is regularly logged with the aim of completing the construction phase on time and at estimated cost. You will receive status reports with a documentation of the...

relevant processes regularly with special attention to improvement potentials. Subsequently, we recommend measures to be able to complete the construction project on time and at the estimated cost accordingly.

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Preservation of Evidence

How can I protect myself against unjustified claims from third parties as part of my construction project?

RISK EXPERTS preservation of evidence serves to separate damage that occurs in the course of construction or demolition work from any previous damage. In this way, it contributes to the mutual protection of interests of owners, residents and the owners of adjacent...

public property, determining and documenting the condition of a structure before a construction activity. This makes it possible to distinguish any previous damage from damage that occurred later and it also makes it easier to determine who is responsible for a spcific damage.

We offer preservation of evidence for office buildings, residential buildings, bridges, roads, canals, tunnel constructions, essentially from small to large construction sites in civil engineering.

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Valuation Appraisal

70% - 90% of all companies do not have sufficient insurance coverage!

RISK EXPERTS performs valuations for buildings and for technical-commercial equipment. Our appraisals are new value appraisals and reflect the exact insurance sums. We collect the new values and prepare them for insurance companies according to their needs. Due to our interdisciplinary know-how,...

we can offer valuations for various buildings and industries - including historic and listed buildings, as well as works of art and artifacts.

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Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

How much are the maintainance costs of a building within the upcoming 15 years?

RISK EXPERTS TDD analyzes the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the potential risks of a property. It provides the basis for determining the value, as well as the technical and economic performance of a property. We offer TDD for residential, office-commercial properties, as well as for...

social facilities, shopping centers, retail parks, hotels and industrial properties.

Our TDD includes a detailed, professional analysis and assessment of all structural and cost-relevant criteria of a property with regard to building fabric, building services, facilities, maintenance and repair, areas, as well as the inclusion of the underlying law.

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Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)

Which environmental risks and regulations must be known and observed at the operating site?

Environmental Due Diligence primarily relates to environmental and occupational health compliance, permits for buildings, hazardous equipment or substances, assessment reports regarding potential contamination, etc. Moreover, it provides clarity on environmental influences that may...

affect a building or property.

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Warranty Management

Who will assist me with contractual and insurance issues related to my construction project?

RISK EXPERTS Warranty and Contract Management secures the claims of the builder/owner/investor and is the basis for efficient and comprehensive defect removal within the warranty period. You receive detailed documentation of construction defects and structural damage. We accompany and control the...

entire warranty process and ensure that the contractual warranty claims are safeguarded. Our experts control the consistent implementation of all contractual contents and legal requirements, as well as the stringent scheduling of the defect removal.

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Real Estate Screening

What items need to be considered in my maintenance plan?

Which natural hazards is my property exposed to?

The RISK EXPERTS Real Estate Screening provides you with the actual condition of residential and commercial properties and takes into account potential risks that could affect the properties. Real Estate Screening provides you with detailed documentation of structural condition, future investment...

needs and an assessment of external threats.

Our real estate screening helps you to better financially plan future maintenance investments and includes relevant measures to minimize external risks.

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Construction Projects: Contractors All Risk and Erection All Risk

How can I comprehensively insure my construction project against damage?

Can the installation of a new plant/machine be insured holistically?

CAR and EAR are ALL RISK insurance policies that cover almost all perils/damages associated with construction projects. They are property insurance policies in which the builder does not automatically receive coverage under their liability policies. We...

provide education and awareness to owners, construction management and contractors regarding risks and hazards on construction sites. During the various phases of a construction project, site visits are carried out and aspects such as fire protection, natural hazards, security and burglary-theft protection are scrutinized.

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Construction Projects: Advanced Loss of Profit - ALOP

Can I insure my business against loss of revenue if it is not completed on time due to a claim?

ALOP insurance covers all those losses or additional costs that occur due to a construction delay caused by damage that has occurred. With risk engineering support from RISK EXPERTS, delays can be prevented and hazards can be contained with the help of risk-minimizing recommendations.