In our download area you can discover our expert knowledge in many different publications, such as our annualy Risk Report. In these comprehensive reports, we examine cutting-edge topics, feature interviews with numerous personalities from the industry and our experts offer exciting insights into the world of risk management.

Turn our know-how into your benefit and stay informed about the latest risk management topics!

Download and study our Risk Reports:
pdf-icon Risk Report I
Civilization as a game point of the elements?
pdf-icon Risk Report II
Modern lifestyle - new risks, energy, water, insulation
pdf-icon Risk Report III
Valuation appraisal: knowledge for optimal protection
pdf-icon Risk Report IV
New headquarters - innovative perspectives
pdf-icon Risk Report V
Construction projects: risks, opportunities, complexity
pdf-icon Risk Report VI
The future of risk management
pdf-icon Risk Report VII
Experience for the world in motion
pdf-icon Risk Report VIII
Change & Disruption
pdf-icon Risk Report IX
Shipping traffic
pdf-icon Risk Report X
Risk X.0? Between opportunity and risk - and what experts advise
pdf-icon Risk Report XI
Caution counterfeit - whether luxury item or industrial product
pdf-icon Risk Report XII
Risk Management
pdf-icon Risk Report XIII
Risks for Entrepreneurs - scenarios threatening Austria's economy
Read more about our published technical articles on various risk topics:
pdf-icon ÖVM Business Continuity Plan
The mystery surrounding the Business Continuity Plan - BCP
pdf-icon ÖVM Bauwesenschäden
Consulting in the construction industry - for insurance brokers and their clients
pdf-icon ÖVM Cyber Versicherung 2 0
Cyber insurance - 2.0
pdf-icon Asscompact Betriebsunterbrechung
Business interruption - Still an underestimated potential danger
pdf-icon ÖVM Risiken in der Recyclingindustrie
Preventing risks in high-risk industries - a look at the recycling industry
pdf-icon ÖVM Re Underwriting als Erfolgsinstrument für Makler
Re-underwriting as a success tool for brokers
pdf-icon ÖVM Cyber Versicherungen
Cyber risks - still a hype or already arrived in the insurance landscape?
pdf-icon ÖVM Ganzheitliches Risikomanagement
Holistic risk management for SMEs - an initial approach
pdf-icon ÖVM Betriebsunterbrechung
Business interruption - the underestimated risk potential

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