Risk management and loss prevention mean to deal with analysis, assessment, management, prevention, mitigation and control those risks which are important to company business processes.

The basis for a systematic risk analysis and qualified risk assessment are risk inspections and the evaluation of risk documents.

Risk Analysis

Are there any existing risks or threats that may cause problems to my company?

Risk analyses are used to identify and quantify risks in order to create transparency about the nature and extent of existing hazards. After all relevant risks have been identified, analyzed and evaluated, the appropriate measures for risk improvement are developed together with our customers and...

accompanied during their implementation. Areas of application: Business Risks, Suppliers, Man-Made Risks, Compliance, Liability, Cyber, Investments and Fire hazards.

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Safety Analysis

How can I reduce the risk of a standsill of my most critical machines?

Safety analysis is part of the safety management activities in a company or it is used for the certification of safety-critical products, machinery and equipment. The goals of safety analysis are: identifying threats, assessing the probability of occurence and the potential for damage, thereby...

minimizing the risk to the business operation.

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Natural Disaster Analysis

Is my construction project exposed to particular meteorological, geological or hydrological hazards?

Natural disaster analysis is a risk assessment of several natural hazards: Analyzed are: Flood risk zones, surface runoff, hazard maps, torrents, water levels, annualities, extreme events, groundwater levels, lightning density, heavy rain events,...

hail events, snow loads, wind peaks, annualities,earthquakes, landslides, and environmental liability issues.

It is an extremely useful tool both preventively and for assessing the causes of damage.

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Risk Engineering / Survey - for Industry

What risk-mitigating actions can I take to optimize my insurance conditions?

We look at your company from specific points of view and analyze the risk situation in the following operational areas: production, processing, storage, administration, supply facilities, control rooms, media centers, fire protection systems, extinguishing water supply, signaling technology...

and several more.

Our recommendations help to improve the operational risk situation and you can provide your company with the best possible insurance protection.

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Survey Monitoring

How do I correctly implement the recommendations that I've received to reduce my business risks?

In this context, monitoring means following up on the recommendations made in the course of a risk survey to improve the risk situation at the respective company location. By implementing the measures and thus improving the overall risk situation, the probability of occurences and impact of...