We guarantee independence and the highest standard expert reports.
Our experts have many years of in-depth experience in the fields of fire investigation, component testing and damage analysis.

Risk Experts also provides comprehensive advice on loss prevention, risk mitigation and risk minimization.

Expert Damage Report

What is the reason of the damage and what caused it?

We offer expert's services for the following fields: Electrical engineering, construction, HVAC, burglary theft, machine breakage, fire, explosions, in construction, machinery and equipment, business interruption, forensics and many more. We can be on site quickly, helping you retain still usable...

equipment and get "back to business" quickly.

Our expertise will guide you in all decisions from loss prevention to the assertion of claims resulting from a loss event.

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Component Testing

Did the incident occur due to material fatigue?

Component inspection is primarily used to determine the damage mechanism and the exact cause of the damage. Clear conclusions can be drawn about the technical cause of the damage by identifying, among other things, component defects, assembly errors, frost damage, corrosion or other cirmumstances...

that led to component failure.

In addition to the surveys at the damage site, an examination of the damage site is carried out with the aid of state-of-the-art microscopes and analysis methods. The findings obtained are used to clarify cases of damage in the fields of mechanical engineering, piping technology, installation technology, electrical engineering and all other areas in which components have failed.

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Emergency Damage Hotline

Every Day, 24/7 - in the case of an emergency every moment counts!

We are always there for you, especially when it really matters. You don't end up in a call center, but directly with our experienced experts!

You can reach us even at night and on weekends and we will take care of you promptly, because in case of an unforeseen incident, it's a matter of...

"keeping a cool head". Within a few hours we will be at your site. This applies to the whole of Austria.


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