Reconstruction can be initiated quickly through fast, efficient and economical damage repair.

We support you to identify to what extent the existing infrastructure can still be used, how long the production downtime will last or how the damage can be repaired as quickly as possible.

If it is not clear that a third party may have been involved you can count on us to find it out.

Claims Management

Who determines the exact cause of the damage and the amount of the damage?

Who accompanies me throughout the claims process?

In order to contain or prevent consequential damage and long business interruptions, our experienced experts coordinate all parties and interests involved, such as authorities, banks,...

employees, customers, suppliers, neighbors, owners, shareholders, damage professionals and last but not least insurance companies.

With professional damage management, the amount of a damage can be reduced by up to 30%. Furthermore, by coordinating all parties involved, a possible business interruption is shortened.

In the event of a loss, RISK EXPERTS takes care of all aspects, from reporting the loss to the insurance company, to coordination during the loss repair process, to the enforcement of recourse claims.

For further information please contact us!

Recourse Management

Who is involved in the damage and who takes the responsibility at the end?

Our experts support you review as well as to file and defense recourse claims. We advise you which measures can be taken to assert your claims. You will benefit from our cross-sector and interdisciplinary know-how. We advise you on legal, insurance and technical issues.

Emergency Experts Team

Who will support me in the event of an emergency and ensure professional organisation in all matters?

Our Emergency EXPERTS Team is quickly on site in the event of a damage, but also in the event of (natural) disaster. It assesses the situation and initiates the necessary initial measures. Through fast, efficient and economical damage repair, reconstruction can be initiated quickly...

The team is composed of the skilled experts, depending on the situation, who assess, for example, how far the existing infrastructure can still be used, how long the loss of production will last or how the damage repair can be carried out as quickly as possible.

In Austria and Germany, our team is guaranteed to be at your site within 12 hours, in neighboring countries within 24 hours, and in the other countries of the European Union within 36 hours.

Contact us directly via our emergency number!


+43 676 88 626 676

Emergency Damage Hotline

Every Day, 24/7 - in the case of an emergency every moment counts!

We are always there for you, especially when it really matters. You don't end up in a call center, but directly with our experienced experts!

You can reach us even at night and on weekends and we will take care of you promptly, because in case of an unforeseen incident you have to...

"keep a cool head". Within a few hours we will be at your site. This applies to the whole of Austria.


+43 676 88 626 676