These solutions consider and analyse all operational processes that may lead to a business interruption. We create concepts and catalogues of measures on how to prevent or shorten a standstill.

By using established calculation models we can quantify the economic impact of a cessation.

This helps you to establish the most accurate insurance protection.

Business Cessation - Loss Calculation

How big are the financial losses due to a business cessation?

RISK EXPERTS Business Cessation - Loss Calculation calculates the possible contribution margin losses associated with a business interruption. These can be determined with the help of different scenarios, both without a concrete loss event and after a loss has occurred. For the determination...

of possible sums, the value-adding processes of your company are identified and quantified in order to calculate the maximum loss potential on the basis of the underwriting contribution margin.

You will receive a detailed calculation table from RISK EXPERTS for submission to your insurance company, so that in the event of a business interruption the best possible coverage of costs is provided and the continuation of your business is safeguarded.

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Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

How to react fast and in the right way in the case of an emergency?

Which measurements do I have to undertake in order to get back to operations in the fastest possible way?

Business continuity planning is the development of strategies, plans and actions to protect activities or processes or to provide alternative operations in the event of an incident (according to ISO 22301:2012). The objective of this standard is to keep a...

business interruption as short as possible and to create the conditions for the right actions to be taken in the event of a malfunction or emergency.

You receive a comprehensive package of solutions plus a catalogue of activities with regard to securing business continuity and increase efficiency and security in your company at the same time.

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Business Impact Analyse (BIA)

Which consequences might a business cessation have on my supply chain?

How can I protect the most critical processes before, during and after an emergency?

RISK EXPERTS Business Impact Analysis identifies the process-related weak points within your company's value chain, and it ensures that replacement measures can be launched immediately if one of the key processes fails. It aims to identify operational or company-wide synergies,...

which can save costs. We analyze the most important process(es) within the value chain. This analysis is based on the criteria you have defined. You can use our recommendations to protect your core processes, thereby reducing the likelihood of a business interruption and minimizing revenue losses during a business interruption.

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Resilience Strategy

What do I need to reconsider to avoid a standstill of my supply chain and of my critical processes at any time?

Resilience refers to the ability of technical systems not to fail completely in the event of disruptions or partial failures and to maintain essential system services and processes. An established and practiced resilience strategy will ensure that a complete interruption of operations or the...

failure of the most important processes can be ruled out.

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Recovery Plan

Which measurements do I need to take after a standstill or emergency in order to get back to opertions as quick as possible?

A recovery plan is designed to keep your business as functional as possible during an emergency and help you recover quickly after an incident or business interruption. It spells out exactly how long a company will need to maintain infrastructure and services within set time objectives (RTO's) to...

prevent widespread negative impacts.

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Emergency Management

Which steps do I need to take in the case of emergency or unexpected event in order to react fast and structured?

An emergency plan is a catalog of instructions and measures intended to avert or limit damage to a company in the event of sudden emergencies or events. In the case of risks whose probability of occurrence and scope cannot be influenced, avoidence, transfer and the developement of an emergency...

plan are the only possible measures for dealing with the risk.

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Business Continuity Coaching (BCC)

How can I recognize the weak spots of my company in a fast and efficient way?

RISK EXPERTS Business Continuity Coaching provides a professional overview of a company's value chain. Its primary purpose is to identify weak spots within the business, protect the most important areas and prepare for an event of a business interruption. In the joint developement of the...

status-quo, we illuminate a company from several points of view, enabling you to identify possible protective measures already during the analysis. This will support you in the event of an unforeseen failure in the value chain, as well as in keeping a business interruption as short as possible, or, to be able to switch to alternative processes whenever needed.

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Checklist Restart

How can I ensure that my company runs after a standstill?

The ReStart checklist provides you with a guide to help you shut down and restart your operations in a risk-free and targeted manner. Our checklist comprises about 250 questions and helps you to be prepared for the immediate effects and for the consequences of a necessary and unplanned...

closure of operations.

We are happy to inform you about the details and costs of our checklist.

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