Other risk survey products

  • Account Survey: Aiming at the development and implementation of (international) group risk management standards. Group risk management involves taking into consideration different markets, branches and individual companies within a group. 
  • Co-Survey: Supervising risk surveys carried out by other providers makes sure that the client is provided first-hand with all the relevant risk information for decision-making processes.  
  • Desktop Survey (risk assessment based on documentation)

In many cases, a qualified assessment of the risk situation is required before an on-site risk inspection can take place.


In a Desktop Survey we analyze and assess information relating to buildings and equipment, production processes and operations, raw materials and manufactured products, fire risks and operational hazards, damage prevention and risk management, as well as the progress made with implementation of previous suggestions to improve the risk situation on the basis of risk documentation made available to us.




  • Quick Survey: This type of survey is a short form of our classical risk analysis for small enterprises, focusing on making suggestions to improve the companies' risk situation. A Quick Survey can be carried out on site and in exceptional cases even via telephone.  
  • Post Loss Survey: Expert input after a damage event to enable decision-makers to take future risk prevention measures into account when implementing the first remedial measures.
  • Risk Check: Risk analysis adapted to specific company types, particularly for small manufacturing companies working with wood, paper, plastic materials, metal, etc.