Enterprise Risk Management

Company-wide risk management - seizing opportunities

In view of the dynamics of the global economy and the resulting fierce local and international competition companies are faced with today, many are starting to address the topic of risk potentials in an ever more systematic and comprehensive way. Identifying and assessing risk potentials can lead to sustained management success.

Company-wide risk management or Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) denotes an integrated risk management concept which goes beyond legal requirements. ERM is effective if it is comprehensive, efficient, transparent and really put into practice within the company.   

It is absolutely vital that executives aspire to act as role models and set a good example. The way in which the management endorses risk management is decisive for the willingness within the overall organization to take into account risks along the value-added chain and associated market opportunities. 

We view Enterprise Risk Management as an essential management task and use a clearly structured and disciplined top-down approach in the ERM projects we supervise. Our software-assisted ERM system meets all legal requirements for providing evidence of a functioning internal control system and the criteria demanded by auditors as proof of the company's compliance.   

Our experts support you in designing and implementing a comprehensive risk management system in your company and with your customers:

  • drafting your company's risk policy
  • risk analyses and assessments
  • change management within your company
  • establishing an ERM systemdeveloping/optimizing an ERM system
  • evaluating/reviewing an existing ERM system
  • implementing RM subsystems (using a TOP-DOWN approach for system implementation)
  • implementing software tools for RM tasks (software modules for risk assessment and control, risk monitoring, claims management, and business continuity planning)


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